Heavy-Duty Cranes

Morgan Engineering is the No. 1 supplier of overhead cranes. We’ve been building them for more than 140 years and have set the standard for excellence in the metals industry.
  • World-class engineering and design
  • Large-scale manufacturing capabilities
  • Skilled technicians
  • Well over a century of experience
Our 460,000-square-foot manufacturing facility can accommodate anything our customers can dream up. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities make us your one-stop source for custom overhead and gantry-type cranes. They can range in span from 20 feet to 300 feet, in capacity from five to 900 tons, and from automated to cab-operated controls. Every steel mill in America counts on our cranes for performance and reliability. Morgan cranes have lifted everything from ingots and ladles to ship hulls and space shuttles!

Automated Systems

Get the competitive edge:
  • Maximize plant safety
  • Improve repeatability
  • Minimize product damage
  • Increase productivity
Automated handling systems streamline production, increase profitability and offer the benefit of computerized monitoring and status reports.
  • Data screens monitor ongoing equipment status
  • Bar codes and identification systems process classifications for automated storage and retrieval systems
  • Mini and micro computers programmed for both stand-alone and client server configurations
  • Wireless communications for crane control and other data exchange
Using the following equipment, cycle times can be increased while improving the ability to lift, place and move ingots, slabs, coils and other materials.
  • Programmable cranes
  • Automated storage and retrieval systems
  • Transfer cars
  • Upenders
  • Downenders
  • Tongs
  • Furnace charging and discharging equipment
  • Roll tables

Specialty Equipment

We are experts at defining a need and solving the problem.
Over the years we have developed specialty equipment such as:
  • Charge and discharge equipment for furnaces
  • Roll tables and cross transfer equipment for handling of hot blooms
  • Hot mill runout tables
  • Billet conveyors
  • Transfer cars for handling hot metal and scrap up to 1,000-ton capacity
  • Walking beam plate transfer table
  • Roll changing cars
  • Plate furnace handling equipment
  • Upenders/downenders
  • Tundish deskulling and dumping mechanism
  • AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) cars
  • Rail straightener
Need something special? Our engineering and manufacturing department will work hard to fill the need using unique solutions. View some of the patents we have developed over the years, or contact us directly to learn more.

Contract Manufacturing

As a contract manufacturer, we have built an impressive list of custom equipment:

  • Door machines for coke ovens
  • Ladle turrets
  • Dummy bar discharge mechanisms and caster runout tables
  • Roll change equipment
  • Hot strip mill runout tables
  • Down coilers
  • Coil boxes
  • Cold mill and temper mill, mill stands

Equipment Upgrades & Modernization

Design analysis is at the core of this process. Based on the analysis and field inspection of your equipment, we can provide a wide range of upgrade options from basic modification to extensive dismantling, reconditioning and reinstallation packages.
Rebuilt equipment can often be shipped already reassembled, resulting in less time and labor on your site.
Rebuild services include:
  • Field and in-house inspection
  • Cleaning and disassembly
  • Complete in-house engineering
  • Mechanical and electrical rebuild/replacement parts
  • Complete assembly and test facilities
  • One-year warranty
Get the production you need and the savings you want by getting years of extended service from your original investment. Contact us for Equipment Upgrades and Modernizations.

Replacement Parts & Repairs

  • Custom or standard spare parts to meet your specific requirements
  • Replacement parts including structural, mechanical and electrical components
  • Spare parts division dedicated to serving you
  • Field inspection and engineering services
  • One-year warranty


Contact us to learn more about how Morgan Engineering can assist you with your engineering needs.
  • Design new installations
  • Perform fatigue, seismic and finite element analysis
  • Increase capabilities on your existing equipment
  • Make modernization recommendations
  • Make design changes and modifications
  • Create new designs for special requirements
  • Crane inspections
  • Develop totally automated systems


U.S.A. Patent No.
No. of Countries Patented*
Traveling Crane Truck of Saddle & Pin Construction
Gantry Crane for Loading Barges on Ships (LASH)
Ingot Stripping Mechanism with Spherical Taper Roller Bearings
Shipboard Gantry Crane & Hoist Mechanism (LASH)
System for handling Cargo Lighters & Cargo Hatch Covers Aboard Ships (LASH)
Apparatus for handling Floating Lighters (LASH)
Anchoring Device for Gantry Cranes
Overhead Traveling Crane & Hoist Mechanism (LASH)
Drop Hammer Frame & Assembly
Rotating Joint for Water Cooled Trunnion
Structural Mill Maker