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How to Reeve a Hook Block

Whether your business operates a crane rated for 25 tons or 500 tons, the crane hook block is a critical component of any material handling system. But during maintenance and repairs – such as replacing your crane’s wire rope – it’s often necessary to remove the hook block while the crane is serviced. Before the […]

Ordering a Heppenstall Lifting Device: What You Need to Know

As the leading brand in below the hook lifting devices for well over a century, Morgan Heppenstall has developed a line of products as extensive as it is prestigious. Today, we use this catalog of designs as the foundation to custom design and manufacture lifting devices that meet our customers’ exact material handling needs.

Easy Crane Maintenance: Paying Attention

The most important part of a crane inspection—and probably the most overlooked—is just getting up on your crane and walking it. It isn’t scientific, it doesn’t require years of experience, it’s just a matter of paying attention to your crane regularly enough that you notice changes from one inspection to the next.

How Many Spare Crane Parts Do You Need?

Maintaining a stockpile of spare parts for your overhead crane is critical to safeguarding production. The simple fact is, having the right spares on hand prevents the failure of a single part from halting production—potentially for months if the wrong part fails.

Crane Replacement: Should you Upgrade your Crane?

There are a lot of reasons that you might want to replace a crane. As your needs change, you might find that your crane can’t move as quickly as your production demands, or its carrying capacity is now a costly restriction.

Third-Party Maintenance: Effective Workforce Utilization

While we all have general maintenance personnel, we also know that they have an expertise for certain types of work. Why pull them away from their best work when you can hire out contractors that are the best at your specific maintenance needs?

How Much Does Capital Equipment Actually Cost?

When you’re collecting estimates for your next piece of capital equipment, are you considering the costs that aren’t on the quote?

Using weigh systems to make cranes smarter and safer.

Recently, Morgan Engineering has been developing a number of groundbreaking new products and features that help keep crane operators safe while improving production and efficiency. And one key data point has helped make it all possible — weight. Now admittedly, incorporating weigh systems into cranes and industrial machinery is not a new idea. It’s something […]

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