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Morgan Engineering’s rich history dates back to 1868. We have grown to be a world leader in material handling systems for the metals industry.

Our ability to take your project from design to completion makes us your one-stop source for large scale manufacturing. We design, manufacture and remanufacture a wide range of custom overhead and gantry-type cranes along with other mill equipment such as transfer cars, ladles, scrap buckets and most large fabrications.

We often say “We can do anything” when describing our capabilities. What we mean is this: whatever our customers need, as it relates to engineering, design, manufacture and remanufacture, we do whatever it takes to create a solution.


It all began an ocean away in 1834 and continues to this day in America’s Heartland.

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It all began an ocean away in 1834 and continues to this day in America’s heartland.

The history of the Morgan Engineering Company begins with Thomas Rees Morgan, who was born in 1834 in Wales. He began working in a coal mine when he was just eight years old.

In 1865 he immigrated to America and began working at the Cambria Iron Company in Johnstown, Pa. He opened his own shop in Pittsburgh by 1868. The business moved to Alliance in August 1871. In 1894, when Mr. Morgan’s partner sold his interest, the company was renamed the Morgan Engineering Company.

Morgan Engineering is well known throughout the world as the leading designer of overhead electric traveling cranes, a holder of thousands of patents and designs, and manufacturer of more than 8,000 cranes. In addition to custom overhead cranes for aluminum companies, steel mills, electric power plants, refuse facilities, container handling and general industry, Morgan manufactures equipment such as transfer cars, ladles, scrap buckets, presses, manipulators and most large fabrications.

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