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We offer a full line of below-the-hook equipment, including:

  • Automatic Tongs
    The first choice for gripping, lifting and releasing heavy objects. They provide heavy-duty handling of materials of virtually any size, shape and weight for every type of industry.
  • Tongs for Special Applications
    Heppenstall offers a number of motorized tongs that not only lift but also rotate products. Powered rotation can be added to any other tong or hook via a motorized rotating crane hook, available in a wide range of capacities.
  • Automatic and Motorized Units for Lifting Coils
    Coiled products are not a problem for Heppenstall tongs. We offer options for automatic and power gripping in both horizontal and vertical coils, in all dimensions and weights.
  • C-Hooks
    Cast and fabricated C-hooks are available for single, double or multiple handling of materials in an almost unlimited range of capabilities and sizes.
  • Slab-Handling Tongs (also known as bales)
    We offer a complete line of automatic, semi-automatic and hoist-operated slab-handling tongs that handle a wide range of slab weights and sizes. Their superior quality has been put to the test through years of service throughout heavy industry.
  • Coil Up-Ender
    Gripping with inside and outside shoes, the Heppenstall coil up-ender can take a horizontal coil, lift it and turn it 90 degrees to a vertical position for setting.
  • Custom-Designed Tongs
    There is no standard tong or C-hook. Every unit we manufacture is either specially designed or customized to handle your particular material handling problem.
  • Replacement Parts and Repair Service
    We maintain complete facilities for fabrication, machining and heat-treating of Heppenstall material-handling equipment of every kind.
  • Clamshell Buckets
    Engineered to handle a wide range and capacity of bulk materials, Morgan Heppenstall/Blaw-Knox “lever arm” buckets have their weight distributed out toward the scoops where the digging is done. This achieves better penetration into the material, and the power to close the scoop is multiplied by leverage.

Water-Cooled Products
Water-cooled accessories are designed, engineered and fabricated to meet the rugged operating conditions of all phases of steel-making. From water-cooled doors to manganese feeders, Heppenstall Blaw-Knox equipment provides better mechanized service tailored to individual operating conditions.

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