Unlock the full potential of your crane.

With Morgan Crane Management, your operators and maintenance staff can make informed decisions in any circumstance. To learn how we can help you improve safety, performance and reliability of your crane, complete this form or call Morgan at 330-823-6130.

Get the most out of your crane.

Transform your material handling with Morgan Crane Management

When your crane goes down, thousands of dollars in lost productivity are on the line.

Morgan Crane Management (Morgan CM™) places all of your crane’s data at your fingertips – helping you operate the machine safely and repair it quickly in the event of a failure.

Transform your material handling processes with:

Simple operation.
Industrial cranes are complex pieces of equipment. But Morgan CM™ makes them easy to operate using our world-class human machine interface (HMI).

Powerful controls.
An intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) serves as the control center for your crane – displaying information on every critical system in one easy-to-use display.

Real-time position data.
Using a map of your facility, crane management lets you view the real-time status and location of your machine.

Critical resources.
Morgan CM™ stores all of your crane design drawings, manuals and company procedures – so the information you need is always at your fingertips.

Powerful reporting.
Morgan CM™ will record, analyze, and process all your crane’s data in real time. You can even monitor the health and status of every crane system – from motors and AC units to power usage and temperatures.

Troubleshooting and diagnosis.
In the event of a breakdown, Morgan CM™ can cut hours of downtime off the repair process by helping you quickly diagnose the problem. With real-time system data, as well as built-in alarms and faults, your maintenance team can take corrective measures in minutes, not hours.

“In the end, automation saves our customers time, money and frustration.”

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