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Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor Gains Value in DC to AC Crane Transition

Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor (CCBH) is one of the largest fully integrated steel facilities in North America. When its DC charge cranes were due for an upgrade, company leaders were faced with the decision to replace them with new DC cranes, or completely retool their bay for more advanced AC cranes. The cost of upgrading the […]

Main Hoist Rope Change

Our expertise extends far beyond our own machines. We can help maintain cranes from any manufacturer. Here, our team performs maintenance on another manufacturer’s 240 short ton ladle crane. Upon our customer’s discovery that their main hoist ropes were ready to be replaced, we quickly assembled and dispatched a field team with the expertise to […]

Monorail Beam and Service Hoist Installation

At Morgan, our site services team can recommend turnkey solutions to help improve the efficiency of your operations. Here, our team installs a new monorail beam and service hoist – with the best components on the market for long-lasting performance.        

Hot Rail Installation

At Morgan, we pride ourselves on offering complete engineering solutions for our customers – from purchase to installation. Here, our team helps upgrade an overhead crane’s electric conductor rail from 700- to 1500-amp service. The new hot rail installation helps prepare this facility for its upcoming expansion, which will include a new 135-ton capacity Morgan […]

DC to AC Upgrade

Morgan Site Services wraps up another control house upgrade. By upgrading to a new AC-powered crane control house, this facility can now take advantage of the latest industry 4.0 technologies to help improve safety, efficiency, and productivity.

USTA National Tennis Center Retractable Roof

Every August for the US Open, Arthur Ashe Stadium hosts elite tennis athletes, crowds of fans, and sponsors for a two week period.  At 23,771 seats, Ashe Stadium is the largest tennis stadium in the world.  It was originally designed in 1997 without a roof.  Rain hindered play during the US Open for five consecutive […]

“Hot Metal” Ladle Cranes with Positioning & Wireless

The mill is capable of rolling up to 3 million t/a of a broad range of highly diversified carbon steels, Specialty metals  and electrical grades that find use in aerospace, automotive, petroleum, chemical, construction, mining and power industries.  This project consistent of replacing two ladle cranes at end of life and archaic technology to increase […]

Allegheny Technologies HRPF

The mill is capable of rolling up to 3.5 million t/a of a broad range of highly diversified stainless and carbon steels, specialty metals and electrical grades that find use in aerospace, automotive, defense, petroleum, chemical, construction, mining and power industries, in addition to various medical, food-equipment, machine and cutting tool applications.  In order to […]

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