Save time and money with replacement parts from Morgan Engineering.

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The perfect fit.

Replacement parts from Morgan Engineering

At Morgan, we’re known for building some of the most reliable cranes in the industry. So when it’s time to repair your material handling equipment, don’t settle for anything less than genuine Morgan replacement parts.

With Morgan parts, you gain:

Quality you can count on.
Nobody knows your crane better than we do. At Morgan, we design and manufacture cranes every day. That means we have the exact materials, tooling, blueprints and expertise to help repair them.

A perfect fit every time.
We can manufacture new parts for cranes of any age, from any manufacturer. And our experienced parts team knows what it takes to repair your crane – right the first time.

Enhanced performance.
When part failures do occur, Morgan’s engineers and service technicians are always looking for ways to improve upon existing designs. With Morgan parts, you’ll always receive the latest upgraded design – not a one-for-one replacement.

Upgrade recommendations.
We’ll review the entire system being serviced and recommend improvements to incorporate the latest Morgan technologies. The result is more than just a repair; it’s an upgrade that provides better-than-new performance.

Easy installation.
Our drop-in assemblies help you install parts quickly and easily. And if you’re ordering spares, Morgan parts arrive packed for long-term storage – so you can stock spare parts without worrying about rust or corrosion.

Custom solutions.
While we specialize in parts and repairs for Morgan equipment, our expertise extends far beyond our own machines. We have the knowledge, tooling and equipment to produce replacement parts for nearly any application from any manufacturer.

Long-term savings.
Looking for more than a single replacement part? Our team can refurbish your existing equipment to deliver better-than-new performance. We repair, rebuild and upgrade entire assemblies – helping you reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

Installation support.
If you need assistance repairing your crane, our experienced Morgan Site Services team is ready to help. We’ll travel to you, ensuring fast, worry-free repairs and reduced equipment downtime.