Scheduled and Emergency On-Site Crane Services

When every moment counts, rely on our Houston-based crane technicians to travel to your site and get your production running. From scheduled overhead crane repairs to emergency crane services, Morgan Site Services will work around your production schedule to diagnose problems quickly and prevent future crane failures.

There when you need us

Emergency Crane Repair & Services

You can count on our Houston maintenance and engineering teams to provide fast, reliable overhead crane repair services. The challenges we’ve faced and the solutions we’ve provided are endless. No problem is too big or too small for Morgan Site Services. We aim to find the best solution for your material handling equipment problem.

Houston Crane Services

Our permanent location in Houston helps customers in Texas and the Gulf Coast States maintain material-handling equipment. Every member of the Morgan Site Services team has OSHA 30 training and integrates into your team to ensure your crane is running at OEM standards and nothing less.

  • On-Site Crane Servicing

    Our crane services team will travel to your site and work around your production schedule to minimize downtime and enhance productivity. Our technicians are the experts who understand the inner workings of your crane and can quickly and accurately diagnose your issue. We offer planned and preventive maintenance support by performing necessary adjustments, lubrication, part checks, and more to ensure your crane operates flawlessly and efficiently.

  • Crane Inspections

    Regular inspections are crucial for maintaining the safety and efficiency of your overhead cranes. Our expert team at Morgan Site Services conducts thorough inspections and preventative maintenance to catch potential issues before they lead to downtime. Our comprehensive crane inspections cover:

    • Mechanical Components: Checking for wear and tear on moving parts.
    • Structural Integrity: Ensuring all structural components are secure and undamaged.
    • Electrical Systems: Verifying that electrical systems function properly without hazards.
    • Routine Monthly Checks: Regular inspections to maintain optimal performance.
    • Annual OSHA Inspections: Detailed annual checks to comply with OSHA regulations, ensuring you meet safety and operational standards.
  • Crane Repair

    Downtime can be costly. That’s why our crane repair experts are ready to respond swiftly to service calls, traveling to your site with the tools and parts needed for immediate repairs. We handle all types of crane repairs, from mechanical failures to electronic system malfunctions, ensuring your equipment returns to full functionality quickly. No matter the brand or manufacturer, we can fabricate and replace any necessary components to keep your operations running smoothly.

  • Crane Part Replacement

    Our service team excels in installing high-quality replacement parts that meet or exceed OEM standards. From motors and brakes to cables and wheels, we ensure every part installed contributes to the optimal performance and longevity of your crane system. Trust Morgan Engineering for reliable, precise part replacement and recalibration services that keep your crane in top condition.

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