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Our Morgan Kinetic Structures technologies moves everything from stadium roofs to space shuttles.

Arthur Ashe Stadium during a tennis match displaying their retractable roof

At Morgan, our expertise in large-scale material handling equipment projects isn’t limited to overhead cranes. Through Morgan Kinetic Structures, we’ve put our innovative technologies to use in moving everything from stadium roofs to space shuttles.

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Retractable Roof Structures

The nation’s leading architectural firms trust Morgan kinetic engineers to design safe, reliable solutions for the sports and entertainment industry.

Our ability to engineer solutions for extremely high wheel loads has led to the design, manufacture, and installation of retractable roof structures for some of the most renowned sports stadiums in North America, including:

However, we’re not just limited to stadium roofs. If you have a large structure you need to move, you can count on us.

Design, Manufacture, and Test Every Component In-House

Other companies go to a third party for manufacturing and testing. Our kinetic engineer’s design, manufacture, and test every component in-house before it’s shipped for final assembly – resulting in a proven product with no surprises at installation.

Additionally, our Morgan Automation team can seamlessly automate the movement of our kinetic structures – making Morgan your one-stop shop.

Experts in Kinetic Structures for More than Four Decades

We’ve been designing and manufacturing components for kinetic structures for more than four decades. With Morgan Kinetic Structures, you don’t need to go anywhere else. If you’re looking to move a heavy structure, we can make it happen.

Contact us to find out why the nation’s leading architectural firms trust Morgan Kinetic Structures to design safe, reliable solutions.

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