Automated Cranes

Achieve reliable economy of scale with automated Morgan cranes.

Automated coil crane carrying steel coils

Automated Material Handling for Scale

When you’re automating your material handling, don’t settle for less than the reliability and efficiency of a Morgan crane.

For moderate to high throughput industrial material handling, cranes are the most cost-effective automated equipment due to their reliability, energy-saving features, and accuracy in material handling.

maximizing uptime

Cutting Edge Technology for Severe Environments

In the industrial sector, it’s one thing to have the latest in industry technology, it’s another to design it for reliable use in harsh environments.

We engineer our automated cranes so that sensors, boards, and cables can withstand the repetitive, long-term handling of hot steel. While others might see this as an opportunity to sell more replacement parts, we value getting the job done right—and maintaining your valuable uptime.

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