Overhead Bridge Cranes for Any Application

You know what you need to move—we know how to move it.

Overhead bridge crane being assembled inside the factory

While we specialize in overhead bridge cranes for the heavy metals industries, specifically chargeladle, and steel coil cranes, Morgan Engineering has designed bridge crane systems for countless applications.

By integrating a custom Morgan Heppenstall lifting device, we can tailor an overhead bridge crane for any application. Heppenstall lifting devices are renowned for their durability and are custom-designed to accommodate the unique shape and size of your materials.

We offer a comprehensive range of below-the-hook devices for handling any material, including:

  • Automatic Tongs
  • C-Hooks
  • Coil Tongs and Up-enders
  • Slab and Plate Lifters
  • Scrap Grabs and Magnets
  • Buckets

Overhead Bridge Cranes Features

Morgan overhead bridge cranes are engineered to enhance your operational efficiency while prioritizing safety, equipped with cutting-edge features that set them apart from other bridge crane manufacturers:

  • Power Regeneration: Maximize energy efficiency by converting the energy used when lowering loads back into electricity, significantly reducing your utility costs.
  • Anti-Sway Technology: Enhance safety with our anti-sway technology that stabilizes loads, preventing swinging and protecting your personnel.
  • Weigh Systems: Improve operational efficiency and ensure OSHA compliance with systems that provide accurate weight data, location, positioning, and overload protection.

Smart Crane Features

Stay at the forefront of industrial material handling with advanced crane software solutions from Morgan Automation:

  • Morgan Crane Management (Morgan CM™): Access critical crane data instantly to troubleshoot errors and perform preventative maintenance with ease with our crane management software.
  • CEPHAS®: Revolutionize your material handling with CEPHAS®, our custom-engineered industrial data management software. When integrated with overhead bridge cranes and transfer cars, CEPHAS® excels in capturing, monitoring, and leveraging your material data to streamline your processes.

Optimize your material handling with Morgan’s innovative overhead bridge crane features and smart technologies, ensuring your operations are both safe and efficient.

engineer working on crane design blueprint

Overhead Bridge Crane Design Services

Our crane experts and engineers can create an overhead bridge crane design that caters to the unique needs of your operations. We collaborate closely with you to create a bridge crane system that exceeds your expectations in terms of functionality, safety, and efficiency. From conceptual design to detailed engineering, our team uses the latest CAD technology and engineering expertise to deliver innovative and cost-effective crane systems tailored specifically for your application.

Overhead Bridge Crane Installation Services

Ensure flawless operation from day one with Morgan Engineering’s professional bridge crane installation services. Our team of experts manages every aspect of the installation process, from initial setup to final testing, ensuring that your overhead bridge crane is installed according to the highest industry standards. Whether it’s a new site installation or an integration into an existing setup, our thorough approach guarantees that your overhead crane operates smoothly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

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Whether you’re a seasoned professional in the industry or new to the concept of overhead crane operations, this series offers valuable insights and detailed explanations that will enhance your understanding of how each part plays a crucial role in the efficiency and safety of bridge crane operations. 

Custom Lifting Devices

Learn more about how our Heppenstall below-the-hook lifting devices can bridge the gap between material and crane.

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