Overhead Bridge Cranes for Any Application

You know what you need to move—we know how to move it.

Overhead bridge crane being assembled inside the factory

While we specialize in overhead cranes for the heavy metals industries, specifically charge, ladle, and steel coil cranes, we have designed cranes for countless applications.

By attaching a custom Morgan Heppenstall lifting device, we can design a Morgan crane for any application. Heppenstall lifting devices are built to last and are custom designed to fit the shape and size of your material.

Morgan Heppenstall has the below the hook design for whatever material you need to handle, including:

  • Automatic Tongs
  • C-Hooks
  • Coil Tongs and Up-enders
  • Slab and Plate Lifters
  • Scrap Grabs and Magnets
  • Buckets

Custom Lifting Devices

Learn more about how our Heppenstall below the hook lifting devices can bridge the gap between material and crane.

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