Our Companies

The Morgan companies work together to provide our customers with turn-key material handling equipment solutions from concept to completion.

Exterior of Morgan headquarters new facility

When you work with the Morgan companies, you get access to a wealth of knowledge gained from more than 150 years of industry experience. You can trust that you’ll always be on the forefront of the latest advancements in material handling equipment.

Our five companies operate under the same roof to provide our customers with turn-key solutions to take your project from concept to completion. Because with Morgan, innovation comes standard with every order.

Our Companies

Red and grey Morgan Engineering Logo and script writing.

Morgan Engineering

At Morgan Engineering, we partner with our customers to design and implement solutions for the most complex material handling machinery needs. Whatever our customers need, as it relates to engineering, design, manufacturing, remanufacturing, and service, we’ll do what it takes to provide a solution.

Blue and grey Morgan Automation Logo.

Morgan Automation

Morgan Automation provides the expertise you need to automate even the most complex processes. We apply our decades of experience in manufacturing automation to develop a system that’s built specifically for your application.

Red and grey Morgan Site Services Logo and script writing.

Morgan Site Services

Morgan’s maintenance team understands the unique demands placed on our material handling equipment. We’ve seen it all – and fixed it all. There’s no problem we can’t handle. We’ll work alongside your team to get to the bottom of the issue, identifying not only how your overhead crane failed – but why.

Green and grey Morgan Kinetic Structures Logo.

Morgan Kinetic Structures

If you’re looking to move a heavy structure, Morgan Kinetic Structures can make it happen. Working closely with Morgan Automation we can seamlessly automate the movement of our kinetic structures, to move everything from space shuttles to a retractable roof for a stadium.

Orange and grey Morgan Heppenstall Logo with script writing.

Morgan Heppenstall Blaw-Knox

Heppenstall Blaw-Knox is the industry standard for large industrial below the hook equipment. We can engineer a below the hook lifting device with a combination of high-quality materials, superior design, and expert fabrication under tightly controlled conditions for a consistently high performing product.

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