Below The Hook Lifting Devices

Trust the original below the hook lifting device.

Morgan Heppenstall crane moving a steel coil

Heppenstall Below the Hook Lifting Devices

Morgan Heppenstall has a long history of creating long-lasting below the hook lifting devices for numerous industrial applications.

Today, Morgan Heppenstall relies on over a century of tried-and-true designs to custom-engineer reliable solutions for modern industry. Whatever you need to move, we can make a below the hook lifting device to move it safely and reliably.

Some of our common below the hook lifting devices include:

Morgan Heppenstall motorized tongs

Custom Tongs

Morgan Heppenstall offers a number of motorized tongs to lift and rotate products. Powered rotation can be added to any other tong or hook via a motorized rotating crane hook, available in a wide range of capacities.

Heppenstall tongs moving a coil of steel

Automatic and Motorized Units for Lifting Coils

Coiled products are not a problem for Heppenstall tongs. We offer options for automatic and power gripping in both horizontal and vertical coils, in all dimensions and weights.

Large steel hook shaped like the letter c.


Cast and fabricated C-hooks are available for single, double, or multiple handling of materials in an almost unlimited range of capabilities and sizes.

Slab Handling Tongs on a trailer

Slab-Handling Tongs (Bales)

Morgan Heppenstall produces a complete line of automatic, semi-automatic, and hoist-operated slab-handling tongs that handle a wide range of slab weights and sizes.

Morgan Heppenstall’s hook on, crane mounted Hupender™, a large steel device


Morgan Heppenstall can customize crane mounted or floor mounted up-ender turn over devices to meet your specific size requirements for lifting and turning rolls, coils, or slabs. 

Morgan Heppenstall’s hook on, crane mounted Hupender grips with inside and outside shoes, lifts a horizontal or vertical coil, and turns it 90 degrees for setting without the need of a floor mounted up-ender.

Morgan Heppenstall/Blaw-Knox lever-arm buckets

Blaw-Knox Buckets

Engineered to handle a wide range and capacity of bulk materials, Morgan Heppenstall/Blaw-Knox lever-arm buckets have their weight distributed out toward the scoops. This achieves better penetration into the material, and the power to close the scoop is multiplied by leverage.

Professional Part Installation

Never fear a false start again. Learn how our crane service experts at Morgan Site Services go the extra mile to make your crane run like new.

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