Crane Parts

Don’t downgrade your crane, replace with Morgan parts.

Spare crane parts
High-Quality Replacement Parts

Choose the Replacement Parts that Stay Ahead of the Curve

Morgan crane spare parts are made in the same facility with the same precision and care as our severe-duty overhead cranes.

Our parts are built to last, both on your crane and in your spare part stockpile. We pack our parts for long-term storage, lowering the risk of rust and corrosion. You never need to worry that your parts will be ready when you need them the most.

Not a One-for-One Replacement Part

We see crane replacement parts as an opportunity to innovate. When you order a replacement part for your Morgan or Alliance Machine crane, you get the latest version, not old stock from when you purchased the crane.

Morgan-Grade Parts for Any Crane

No matter your crane’s original manufacturer, we can make the spares you need to secure the productivity of your operation. Don’t have the drawings for the part? Our team of engineers will design the replacement part to fit your exact requirements.

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