Crane Control Upgrades

Align your controls with your growing needs.

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Safety, Staffing, and Production Needs

As the needs of production change, your crane needs to adapt. We have the expertise and ability to upgrade your crane with the most up-to-date control and safety features.

Our offerings include:

  • Control Modernization
  • DC-AC Conversion
  • Capacity Increase
  • No-Fly Zones
  • PLC Upgrades
  • HMI Upgrades
  • Fully and Semi-Autonomous Positioning
  • Anti-Collision Systems
  • Below the Hook Interface
  • Wi-Fi

Even if we aren’t the OEM, or your upgrades require a power conversion, our team can design, manufacture, and install all the necessary changes to upgrade your controls.

Morgan’s control upgrades are designed with safety and ease of use in mind—leading to quick operator onboarding and safer operation and maintenance.­­

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