CEPHAS®: Custom Data Capitalization

Collect, track, and act on your data with CEPHAS.

CEPHAS computer program monitoring crane automation

Custom Integration

CEPHAS is the result of Morgan’s commitment to solve our client’s most complex material handling needs through the latest in industrial automation technology. CEPHAS simultaneously collects, tracks, and acts on your material’s data using sensors attached to Morgan material handling equipment.

Whatever your process is, we can integrate our cranes, transfer cars, and mill equipment into a self-driven, comprehensive material handling solution.

Data-Driven Inventory Management

Whatever your industrial throughput, CEPHAS automatic inventory tracking and transport functionality can lower your costs and increase your efficiency.

Our team of automation engineers configure CEPHAS to seamlessly integrate with your production flow, prioritizing the movement of materials for storage, shipment, or downstream processes based on current production needs. As your production team continues to use CEPHAS, you can adjust its priorities to match the changing needs of production.

As your material enters the CEPHAS material handling system, its dimensions, weight, temperature, and other important data points are measured and tracked using sensors attached to your Morgan cranes. Using this data, CEPHAS determines how to prioritize movements to best fit your production priorities.

Built for Harsh Industrial Environments

Even the best industrial automation software can’t function if its hardware can’t survive the heat and debris of severe industrial service.

The electrical components that make CEPHAS possible are built to last— giving you reliability when you need it most. Even when carrying hot coils straight from the hot mill, CEPHAS retains 99% uptime.

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