Coil Cranes

Keep pace with production—outpace the competition.

A factory full of steel coils with a Morgan crane in the background

In the fast-paced environment of the steel industry, innovation and high throughput remain the most important factors for success. Morgan assists our clients in reaching these goals by providing state-of-the-art coil cranes to move product.

Built to Innovate

Requiring high cycle-times and repetitious movements, coil cranes are ideal for automation. Power your coil yard with CEPHAS to automatically track and transport your coils according to the prioritizations of your mill.

Built to Last

Morgan coil cranes are built to handle the greatest extremes of the steel industry. The electrical wires, boards, and sensors that facilitate crane automation are heat shielded to reduce equipment failures due to contact with hot steel. Even when carrying coils straight from the hot mill, our equipment maintains 99% uptime.

Can your crane keep up?

See what a custom coil crane from Morgan can do for your business.

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