Industrial Material Handling Automation

See what 99% uptime means for your material handling.

Man viewing a computer screen displaying Morgan's crane management system

Across the industrial landscape, automation is raising the bar for safety, efficiency, and reliability. Morgan Automation gives you access to cutting-edge industry 4.0 technology built to withstand severe industrial environments.

Our Crane First Automation Philosophy

At Morgan, we pride ourselves on producing the most reliable and long-lasting cranes available for heavy industrial material handling—increasing uptime and safety across your operation.

While the benefits of automation have taken center stage in the design of much of today’s material-handling equipment, we still believe that the foundation of any material-handling solution needs to begin with tried-and-true mechanical and structural design.

For the best economy of scale, industrial overhead cranes are still the most reliable and efficient way to move industrial products. When you purchase a Morgan automated solution, we stick with what’s reliable and build the automated features from our foundation: the Morgan crane.

Comprehensive Automation from Design

By custom designing every crane we make, we build your automated material handling solution specifically for your needs from the first day of design to final install.

Our integrated systems are designed to work together and are built as a comprehensive material handling solution, including:

  • Custom inventory tracking
  • Automated throughput
  • Ground-Based Safety
  • Automated material transfer cars


CEPHAS, Morgan’s industrial data capitalization software, collects, organizes, and acts on your material handling data to achieve efficient throughput and KPI tracking.

Using its algorithmic rules engine, CEPHAS directs your integrated Morgan material handling equipment to make efficient movements through production to shipping.

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