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Overhead bridge crane carrying a ladle crane inside a factory

Don’t Settle for Less than a Morgan Crane

Morgan is the name of large-scale overhead bridge cranes. We have a long history of creating reliable overhead cranes in melt shops and warehouse bays across the Western Hemisphere.

We custom design our overhead cranes to stand the test of time in the harshest of conditions while still being easy to use and maintain. Each overhead crane is custom-built to perform your specific application and can range from 20- to 300 feet long and 10- to more than 1,000-ton capacities. Whether you want your crane built to CMAA or AIST standards, the Morgan standard stands above.

Types of Overhead Cranes

Explore our diverse range of overhead cranes designed and manufactured by Morgan Engineering. Our team is experienced in a wide range of crane types and systems, all of which are tailored to meet our clients’ individual needs. From standard models to custom-engineered overhead crane systems, discover the different types of overhead cranes we offer:

  • Overhead Bridge Cranes

    Our overhead bridge cranes are expertly crafted to meet the diverse needs of various sectors including manufacturing, steel production, and more. We pride ourselves on combining over a century of innovation and engineering expertise to create overhead bridge cranes that are not only robust and reliable but also customizable to fit the specific demands of your operations. With a commitment to enhancing productivity and ensuring operational safety, our cranes are built to optimize performance and streamline workflows. Recognized as a leading overhead crane manufacturer, Morgan ensures that each system is built to the highest standards.

  • Charge Cranes

    Charge cranes are engineered for the specific task of charging furnaces in steel mills. Designed to streamline the process of charging furnaces with raw materials, ensuring a seamless and safe operation. We combine over a century of expertise with cutting-edge technology to engineer charge cranes that meet the rigorous demands of steel production environments. Our charge cranes are renowned for their robust construction, reliability, and customizability, catering to the unique requirements of each steel mill.

  • Coil Cranes

    Our coil cranes are designed to maximize efficiency and safety in the transportation and storage of steel coils, a critical component in steel manufacturing and processing facilities. Our custom coil cranes embody strength, durability, and precision. They are tailored to handle the heavy loads and high throughput of steel coils, ensuring smooth operation and minimizing downtime.

    With a focus on custom solutions, our coil cranes can be adapted to meet the unique requirements of your facility, enhancing productivity and operational safety. Explore how Morgan Engineering’s coil cranes can revolutionize your steel coil handling processes, making them safer, faster, and more efficient.

  • Ladle Cranes

    Ladle Cranes are the cornerstone of efficiency and safety in the handling of molten metals within the steel manufacturing process. Specially engineered to manage the critical task of transporting molten steel from furnaces to casting areas, our ladle cranes are built to withstand the extreme temperatures and demanding conditions of steel mills. Our ladle cranes integrate robust construction, advanced safety features, and operational reliability, ensuring the seamless flow of production processes.

    Each crane is custom-engineered to meet the unique specifications and rigorous demands of your operation, emphasizing precision, durability, and safety. Discover how Morgan Engineering’s ladle cranes can contribute to a more productive and secure steel manufacturing environment.

  • Severe Duty Cranes

    Designed to operate under the toughest conditions, severe duty cranes by Morgan are built to withstand extreme environments, often encountered in industries such as steel mills, waste management, and heavy manufacturing, providing a durable and robust solution for your toughest tasks.

    Morgan’s severe duty cranes are built with the resilience to withstand high temperatures, heavy loads, and continuous operation, ensuring maximum uptime and productivity for your operations. Our approach to custom engineering means each severe-duty crane is tailored to meet the specific demands of your environment and workflow, integrating advanced safety features and operational efficiency.

  • Crane Modernizations and Upgrades

    Considering an upgrade can often be more cost-effective than investing in a new crane. Morgan provides comprehensive modernization services to enhance the functionality and lifespan of your existing crane system.

    Recognizing the importance of keeping pace with technological advancements and evolving industry standards, our crane upgrades breathe new life into aging equipment, extending its service life and maximizing your investment. Whether integrating state-of-the-art crane controls, improving structural components, or implementing advanced safety features, our dedicated team ensures a seamless upgrade process, minimizing downtime and ensuring your crane system meets the latest operational excellence standards.

Morgan Crane Features

Designed with safety and efficiency in mind, Morgan overhead cranes can come equipped with a variety of features like:

  • Power Regeneration—Let no movement go unwasted by feeding electricity back to your grid every time a load is lowered—saving you thousands in utility costs each year.
  • Anti-Sway Technology—Protect your personnel with our anti-sway technology that allows cranes to slow and stop without swinging a load.
  • Weigh Systems—Incorporate location, positioning, overload protection and accurate weight data to improve efficiency and remain OSHA compliant.
Morgan male engineer working on Morgan Automation smart features using the CEPHAS software on a desktop computer screen in an office.

Smart Features

Keep your operation at the forefront of industrial material handling with crane software from Morgan Automation.

  • Morgan Crane Management (Morgan CM™) —Place all of your crane’s critical data at your fingertips. Quickly troubleshoot errors and conduct preventative maintenance.
  • CEPHAS®—Automate your material handling processes with CEPHAS®, Morgan’s custom industrial data capitalization software. Paired with Morgan cranes and transfer cars, CEPHAS® fully collects, tracks, and acts on your material’s data.

Discover the Morgan Difference

At Morgan Engineering, we are committed to delivering exceptional overhead crane systems that meet the diverse needs of industries worldwide. As a trusted crane supplier, we ensure that our clients receive the best in crane types, technology, and service. Contact us today to find the perfect crane solution for your business.

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