Overhead Bridge Cranes

Make the most of your material handling investment.

Overhead bridge crane carrying a ladle crane inside a factory

Don’t Settle for Less than a Morgan Crane

Morgan is the name in large-scale overhead bridge cranes. You can find our long history of creating reliable overhead cranes in melt shops and warehouse bays across the western hemisphere.

We custom design our cranes to stand the test of time in the harshest of conditions while still being easy to use and maintain. Each of our cranes is custom-built to perform your specific application and can range from 20- to 300 feet long and 10- to more than 1,000-ton capacities. Whether you want your crane built to CMAA or AIST standards, the Morgan standard stands above.

Morgan Crane Features

Designed with safety and efficiency in mind, Morgan cranes can come equipped with a variety of features like:

  • Power Regeneration—Let no movement go unwasted by feeding electricity back to your grid every time a load is lowered—saving you thousands in utility costs each year.
  • Anti-Sway Technology—Protect your personnel with our anti-sway technology that allows cranes to slow and stop without swinging a load.
  • Weigh Systems—Incorporate location, positioning, and weight data to improve efficiency and remain OSHA compliant.
Morgan male engineer working on Morgan Automation smart features using the CEPHAS software on a desktop computer screen in an office.

Smart Features

Keep your operation at the forefront of industrial material handling with crane software from Morgan Automation.

  • Morgan Crane Management (Morgan CM™) —Place all of your crane’s critical data at your fingertips. Quickly troubleshoot errors and conduct preventative maintenance.
  • CEPHAS®—Automate your material handling processes with CEPHAS®, Morgan’s custom industrial data capitalization software. Paired with Morgan cranes and transfer cars, CEPHAS® fully collects, tracks, and acts on your material’s data.

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