Charge Cranes

See why Morgan is the most trusted name in the melt shop.

Morgan charge crane moving through a factory

Morgan made its name in the steel industry by designing safe and reliable overhead charge cranes. Morgan charge cranes are designed to take the severe conditions of the melt shop—charge after charge.

Thoroughly heat-shielded to protect against high ambient and direct heat, Morgan charge cranes are still designed for ease of maintenance, giving access to critical components with enough space to work.

Critical components such as the main hoist assembly, motors, and brakes have built-in redundancies to ensure that you are never left with a load in the air during a fault.

Designed for Your Mill

When we design a crane, fitting your exact needs is our top priority. If you need to adjust the design of your charge crane for the lifting of hot metal, we will adjust the design and tolerances accordingly.

Pairing a Morgan charge and ladle crane in one order? We’ll align their design to reduce the number of spare parts you need to protect production.

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