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Convert your DC Crane to AC – Gain Access to the Latest Technologies

Does your upgrade require a power conversion? Morgan specializes in large-scale power conversions—giving the largest cranes access to the latest technology.

Cost Savings of Crane Management

The average cost of crane downtime is about $150,000 an hour. Morgan Crane Management helps you diagnose problems quickly and easily using real-time system data.

Rely on the experts at Morgan for your service needs

If you need assistance repairing your crane, our experienced Morgan Site Services team is ready to help. We’ll travel to you, ensuring fast, worry-free repairs and reduced equipment downtime.

What Makes Crane Management Unique?

Morgan Crane Management monitors the health and status of every system – from motors and AC units to power usage and temperatures. Having all that data at your fingertips helps you operate the machine safely and repair it quickly.

Innovations comes standard with every Morgan part order

For more than 150 years, Morgan Engineering has earned its reputation as a world leader in material handling systems. Our cranes have been proven to deliver decades of reliable, low-maintenance performance – even in harsh environments. So keep your machine running at its best – with Morgan replacement parts.

What Problems Does Crane Management Solve?

Industrial cranes are complex pieces of equipment. Morgan Crane Management makes them easy to operate and maintain by displaying information on every critical system in one easy-to-use display. 

COVID-19 Policies Updated

*This article has been revised from its original posting on Nov 16, 2020 to reflect the most current policies in place.  Notice: As of March 17th, 2022 this policy is suspended until further notice. Vendors can return to the office but must schedule an appointment in advance. Visitations to the plant can resume so long as […]

Get the Crane Parts you Need – Fast

Need replacement parts for your Morgan crane? Our team is on hand to quickly manufacture and ship Morgan premium replacement parts – built to your machine’s exact specifications.

What is Crane Management?

Morgan Crane Management (Morgan CM™) places all of your crane’s data at your fingertips – helping you operate the machine safely and repair it quickly in the event of a failure.

Quality you can count on

Over the past 150 years, Morgan Engineering has created a legacy as a world leader in material handling Morgan cranes are built to deliver decades of reliable service. So when it’s time to repair your crane, don’t settle for anything less than genuine Morgan replacement parts.

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