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Rogers Centre (formerly Toronto SkyDome)

Morgan provided the mechanical drives and idler wheel assembles for the Rogers Centre, one of the largest movable structures in the world.

The roof is comprised of four trussed shell panels. Two are segments of spherical shells and two are circular shells. One spherical shell is fixed; the other three shells are mounted on bodies with steel wheels that ride on steel rails.

The driven bogies are powered by electric motors that drive the steel wheels through reduction gearing.

The roof is normally in the closed position. To open the roof, the moveable spherical shell panel is rolled on a circular track and parked over the fixed spherical shell panel. The cylindrical shield panels are then rolled on straight tracks to rest over the spherical panels.

Safeco Field

Morgan provided upgraded wheel assemblies to Safeco Field in Seattle. The ballpark’s one-of-a-kind retractable roof is designed to cover but not enclose, thus preserving an open-air environment.

The structure covers nearly nine acres, weighs 22 million pounds and contains enough steel to build a skyscraper 55 stories tall.

The three movable panels glide on 128 steel wheels powered by 96 ten-horsepower electric motors. The push of a button closes or opens the roof in an average of 10 to 20 minutes, depending on wind and other weather conditions. The roof is self-grounded in the event of lightning strikes and is designed to withstand up to seven feet of snow and sustained winds of up to 70 mph.

The project included detailed engineering and tight tolerance manufacturing of both driven and idle wheel assemblies.

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