Morgan Automation Systems Awarded SDI Sinton Water Treatment Automation

3D rendering of a Morgan water treatment system

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(ALLIANCE, Ohio) Aug. 13, 2020 – Thanks to a recent contract with Steel Dynamics, Inc., Morgan Automation Systems Inc. will be designing the automation system for the water treatment facility to be constructed at SDI’s new flat roll steel mill in Sinton, Texas.

The water treatment system will process water and supply contact and non-contact cooling water to the two electric-arc-furnaces (EAF), caster, tunnel furnace, hot mill, down coiler, scale pits and cold mill, as well as all ancillary systems and the lagoon.

The company had already been contracted to provide the Sinton facility’s material handling system, which includes the construction of four new 390(500)/175/60T Furnace Charge and Hot Metal cranes for the melt shop of the mill’s two EAFs. The project also includes an Industry 4.0 Autonomous WIP Shipping Facility (i4AWSF), which uses Morgan’s proprietary CEPHAS software to manage coil inventory from hot mill to downstream processes and shipping.

Morgan Automation Systems helps steel manufacturers save time, money and frustration by using technology to provide operators and maintenance personnel key information on process performance and controls.

“Automation is already transforming the way our customers do business – leading to safer, more efficient operations. And we’re now prepared to expand our automation services well beyond cranes and material handling systems,” said Mark Sharamitaro, president of Morgan Automation. “Because Morgan Automation has developed a long, successful relationship with Steel Dynamics at its other facilities in Butler and Columbia City, Indiana, over the years, designing the water treatment automation system for the facility in Sinton just made sense.”

The Sinton facility is anticipated to have an annual production capacity of approximately 3 million tons with the capability to produce the latest generation of Advanced High Strength Steel grades. The project will include value-added finishing lines, including a galvanizing line with an annual capacity of 550,000 tons, and a paint line with an annual coating capacity of 250,000 tons.

To design the mill’s water treatment automation system, Morgan’s team starts the same way they would any automation project — with a thorough analysis of the system’s processes, applications and performance requirements.

Through the experience gained automating highly complex material handling systems, Morgan Automation has developed the expertise needed to safely automate any industrial process. But for the end-user, the goal remains reliability, redundancy and simplicity.

“We manage a variety of complex components – such as variable-frequency drives, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), distributed PLCs and IO, and human-machine interfaces (HMIs) – to deliver a simple, integrated operator experience,” said Sharamitaro. “All these technologies are seamlessly integrated into our solution to offer our customers proven, reliable performance.”

As Morgan Automation grows, the company remains committed to design, engineer, build and install every system from start to finish — making Morgan a one-stop-shop for any automation solution.

“If your process has challenges that can benefit from automation, we have the expertise to develop a custom solution for you,” said Sharamitaro.

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