Morgan Engineering Acquires Girard Machine

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The expansion increases Morgan’s fabrication and machining capabilities by 35 percent, opens doors to a new talent pool

Morgan Engineering has acquired the assets of Girard Machine, a 77-year-old heavy fabrication and machining company based in Girard, Ohio. All 32 employees of Girard Machine have been retained by Morgan, including the two former owners, Tom and Mark Malito, who will serve as general managers of the facility that will be known as Morgan Manufacturing Plant No .3.

“Girard Machine has been a reliable supplier to Morgan for many years, delivering the quality that Morgan and our customers demand,” said Mark Fedor, CEO of Morgan. “Our values and processes are aligned, so it makes sense for us to bring our organizations together and build new opportunities for growth.”

The Malito’s grandfather, Dominic Malito, started Girard Machine in 1946 with Guy Chuirazzi. “We are pleased that our family legacy will continue in Girard through Morgan,” said Tom Malito. “Our employees are brought into a well-run, reputable company that has a track record for growth. We are excited to see where the company goes next.”

The Girard location features more than 120,000 square feet of industrial workspace.

Marrying Two Strong Reputations

Custom fabrication is the process of forming raw steel into semi-finished parts, which then are altered through grinding, welding and other means to produce finished parts that go into machine assemblies. The acquisition of Girard Machine expands Morgan’s production capacity by 35 percent and will help the company control lead times within its supply chain because it can produce more parts in-house.

“In addition to production growth, we look forward to reaching new team members in the region who would not have considered Morgan due to the distance,” said Fedor. “We believe this facility will continue to grow in line with the company’s trajectory of consistent advancement. We will acquire some new customers right away and we expect to attract more.”

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