Morgan Engineering’s Patented eyeCrane™ Debuts in New $1.2 Billion Rolling Mill Project

A series of Morgan cranes with eyecrane technology

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(ALLIANCE, Ohio) – A hands-free, safer crane is coming to one of the largest specialty metals producers thanks to Alliance, Ohio’s own Morgan Engineering.

Morgan is supplying ten cranes for ATI’s $1.2 billion expansion project. Most of these cranes are equipped with Morgan’s patented, fully automated eyeCrane™ technology. It uses four cameras to identify and measure the position where product is to be picked up and where it needs to be placed. Operators no longer have to use a flagman or remote crane control, eliminating the need for any worker to be in harm’s way while a heavy load is moved.

The cranes are part of ATI’s new Hot-Rolling and Processing Facility (HRPF) in Brackenridge, Penn.
ATI’s new capabilities will result in reduced manufacturing cycle times and improved product options for their customers.

It becomes the first facility to be outfitted with eyeCrane, which has been in development at Morgan for several years.

The eyeCrane’s stereoscopic cameras are arranged to sense dimension and distance. Data gathered from the cameras is routed through the eyeCrane’s proprietary technology, which filters out extraneous information to calculate specific placement coordinates. Because eyeCrane captures data in real time, coordinates adjust to changing conditions.

The exacting data gathered and processed by eyeCrane also means there are no wasted movements, increasing efficiency and saving money. Cranes no longer have to make repeated grabs at something before latching on.

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