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40 years celebration sign at AADVS

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At Morgan Engineering, a leader in manufacturing overhead bridge cranes and providing custom engineering solutions, community service is a cornerstone of our corporate values. See how our receptionist, Taylor Fedor, intertwines her career at Morgan with helping with community organizations like the Alliance Area Domestic Violence Shelter (AADVS). 

40 years celebration sign at AADVS
In 2019, the Alliance Area Domestic Violence Shelter celebrated 40 years of providing services to victims of domestic violence in the Alliance, Ohio area.

Morgan Engineering is proud to be an integral part of the vibrant community in Alliance, Ohio. As a company deeply rooted in this town, we have witnessed firsthand the remarkable development of Alliance, including the opening of the Alliance Area Domestic Violence Shelter in 1979.

Before this establishment, victims of abuse had to get to a publicly funded organization in Canton. Thanks to the founding members’ sacrifices, Alliance now has a community shelter that provides extensive support to those in need and makes a positive impact on more than just victims.

“When I was in second grade my family moved back to Ohio and my mom signed me up for the local Girl Scouts troop. A director from Alliance Area Domestic Violence Shelter came to speak to the troop and the young scouts worked on blankets to donate to residents that holiday season. While I worked at Morgan part-time a few years ago, I bridged an opportunity between the two.” – Taylor Fedor

Morgan Engineering works to excel in building strong community ties. From mid-November to mid-December, Morgan has ‘Giving Trees’ decorated with opportunities to give to local families in need. 

This year, Morgan Engineering will be able to help support the seven families housed by the shelter. Employees who participate choose a card from the tree that outlines basic information about the family they’ll be donating to. This way they can pick gifts specific to them.

It has been amazing to see the outpouring of support from Morgan employees. We have seen nothing but enthusiasm for these efforts.

What Donations Really Mean

Our involvement goes beyond just being a leading crane manufacturer; it’s about forging strong, lasting relationships and actively participating in the community’s growth. That is something everyone can be a part of.

Non-profits like the Alliance Domestic Violence Shelter have limited government funding. Items like baby formula, cleaning products, clothing, and more that we would consider essential can be difficult or even impossible to cover through funding. The donations from the community are what make it possible to continue the shelter’s mission. Every donation really does matter. Even small contributions can make a difference.

In 2022 alone, the facility:

  • Sheltered 111 clients, including 50 children
  • Received 2,860 hotline calls to their 24-hour hotline
  • Provided 3,582 nights of shelter
  • Provided 1,668 services to in-shelter and outreach clients

It is inspiring to see the Alliance community come together to support places like the AADVS. This sense of community pride and belonging is at the heart of everything we do at Morgan Engineering, as we continue to work hand-in-hand with our neighbors towards a prosperous, inclusive future for Alliance.

Each year, Morgan Engineering and other small businesses in Alliance, like Don Panchos Tex Mex Café set up a Giving Tree. Many other businesses and community members also participate in the shelter’s Walk a Mile in Their Shoes walk, the Hope for Healing Auction, and many other fundraisers throughout the year.

Morgan's Giving Tree
Christmas gifts stack up around the Christmas tree at Morgan’s offices in preparation for pick up.
Morgan employees and their 2022 donations from the Giving Tree
Previous year’s donations from Morgan employees to AADVS made through the Giving Tree.

Morgan Engineering’s Approach to Meaningful Donations

“A main focus of mine while deciding what to pursue throughout my life, was that anything I chose, needed to be in the service of others. This past May, some family members and I attended the shelter’s annual Hope for Healing Auction where speakers who had once been supported by AADVS shared their experiences. While it was heartbreaking to hear what they had been through, it was amazing to see the strength they had within.” – Taylor Fedor

At Christmastime, the shelter is almost always near capacity. It is a tough time of year for people to balance coming out of abuse, but we can help to make a difference for them. The donated gifts help to make the holiday special for everyone.

Our commitment to building a better future doesn’t just stop at our employees or our technological advancements; it extends to every corner of our community. 

By nurturing this, we are not just engineering solutions for today; we are crafting a legacy of care and support that upholds our promise of building a brighter, more inclusive future for everyone in Alliance.

How Can You Help?

It is important to read over any organization’s guidelines for donations before collecting your gifts. This keeps the process safe for everyone involved. 

Alliance Domestic Violence Shelter posts updates and donation needs on their Instagram page. Learn more about their services and mission. If you or someone you know are in need of AADVS’s services call their 24-hour hotline at 330-823-7223.

Building Bridges Beyond Engineering

Whether you’re an individual looking to contribute, a business seeking partnership opportunities, or someone in need of the advanced engineering solutions we provide, together, we can continue to build a better future for our employees, our community, and the world at large.

Taylor Fedor

Taylor Fedor

Taylor Fedor | Morgan Receptionist

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