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CEPHAS® is built around how you work. Just input your requirements and let it decide the most efficient way to get the job done. To learn how CEPHAS® can transform your business, complete this form or call Morgan at 330-823-6130.

Save time. Reduce costs.
Improve safety.

Automate your material handling process with CEPHAS®

When it comes to material handling and inventory control, time is money.

CEPHAS®, developed by Morgan Automation, is a proprietary software that improves the efficiency of yard management by automating the transportation and storage of your inventory.

When you automate your material handling with CEPHAS®, you gain:

Precise inventory control.
Through the use of a custom yard map, CEPHAS® optimizes the placement of every product and logs its position for precise inventory tracking – from production to final shipment. When you need to locate inventory, there’s no need to search the yard. CEPHAS® knows exactly where to find it and can retrieve it automatically.

Cost savings.
With CEPHAS®, there are no wasted movements. It’s like having your best operator behind the controls, 24/7. Using an algorithmic rules-based decision engine, CEPHAS® optimizes the placement of each unit – saving time while reducing fuel and manpower expenses.

Seamless integration.
CEPHAS® automation technology is seamlessly integrated into Morgan cranes, and can be programmed to deliver clear direction to other fully automated, semi-automated and manually operated equipment.

Enhanced safety.
Using a vast array of sensors, thermal imaging cameras, weigh systems and a laser positioning system, CEPHAS® is engineered to protect your equipment and workers. And our ground-based safety system can stop crane activity with the push of a button.

Expert setup.
When installing your CEPHAS® system, we work closely with your team to identify every interface point and understand the data that’s important to you. Then, we program a custom solution that’s built to improve the efficiency of your operations from start to finish.

Endless customization.
If you need to make changes to your workflow, CEPHAS® can be updated without the need for complex computer programming. Instead, an easy-to-use interface allows you to adjust algorithms using simple “if/then” rules.

Big data analysis.
CEPHAS® uses thousands of data points generated by your equipment to give you insight into the efficiency of your operations. A simple dashboard provides instant visibility to real-time KPIs, and comprehensive reports can be generated by shift, day, week or month.

“In the end, automation saves our customers time, money and frustration.”

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