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Figure 3 Intern reviewing 3D model for project.

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When engineering students are in school it can be hard to see what engineers get to do day-to-day. At Morgan, our engineering internship program is designed to facilitate the transition from school to the workforce with real-world experience.

Crane assembled
Interns can see designs become reality by taking a short walk to our manufacturing space to see cranes being fabricated, machined, and assembled.

A Legacy of Growth and Evolution

Over a decade ago, Morgan introduced its engineering internship program, which has grown in popularity with time. Through this growth, we have made changes that help us keep teaching students how to become well-rounded engineers after school. 

Morgan prides itself on being a one-stop shop; striving to do as much of our development process in-house as possible. This approach grants our engineering interns the opportunity to witness the evolution of custom-engineered solutions from concepts, to drawings, and then to the final product. Engineering interns collaborate closely with advisors and seasoned engineers, including those holding Professional Engineer certifications.

Figure 3 Intern reviewing 3D model for project.
Intern reviewing 3D model for project.

What We Look for In Potential Interns

Here at Morgan, we look beyond a resume. Attributes like effective communication, receptivity to constructive feedback, and teamwork aptitude hold substantial weight in our engineering internship selection process. We seek multifaceted individuals who embody Morgan’s values within and beyond the workplace. 

A genuine passion and curiosity from applicants are equally crucial. We acknowledge that it can be intimidating to walk into a new workplace, so we value the courage to seek guidance and ask questions. These soft skills help to create a stronger community atmosphere amongst our employees.

Brandon Young works with a customer during the commissioning of an automated coil storage facility.
Pictured to the left is Brandon Young, starting at Morgan as an engineering automation intern who came on full-time in 2020 as an Automation Engineer. Here he works with a customer during the commissioning of an automated coil storage facility.

Insight into the Engineering Internship Experience

Our goal is to identify engineering interns who could seamlessly transition into permanent roles within our organization. With this in mind, our program lays a foundation that interns can build upon year after year. 

First-year interns engage in tasks such as digitizing project drawings and archiving them in shared files, shadowing senior engineers, and exploring our production facilities to witness the transformation of designs into functional equipment.

Exemplary interns are invited back for the following years. As returning interns progress, they assume greater responsibilities and, potentially even crafting drawings to be incorporated into Morgan products.

Morgan Engineering interns Gus Jackson, Sam Snyder, and Brock Smith.
Our 2023 engineering interns, pictured left to right, Gus Jackson, Sam Snyder, and Brock Smith.

Perspectives from Current Interns

Gus Jackson, a senior at Ohio State University, shares his enriching experience as an engineering intern for the summer at Morgan. He has enjoyed gaining real-world experience that incorporates what he has learned in the classroom. He advises future Morgan interns not to be afraid of asking questions and seeking knowledge. Their advisors know that they are here to learn and don’t expect them to know everything on their first day. 

Brock Smith, a junior at the University of Dayton, has embarked on a two-year internship journey at Morgan. Brock has gotten to work with more design and detail work which has given him a deeper insight into what his future career will look like. The engineering internship’s impact has already elevated his academic performance and will continue to benefit both his education and professional pursuits. His favorite part of working at Morgan is that he gets to be a part of our 150-year-long history, something Brock is reminded of each time he passes the timeline at the entrance of our office. 

Sam Snyder, a senior at Mount Union University, found his place in the automation department as he began his first Morgan internship this past summer. His work as an engineering automation intern has included practical, hands-on experience which he says filled in the gaps of his knowledge from the classroom. Sam has enjoyed gaining experience because he knows it is as important as what he learns in a classroom. He emphasizes that soft skills, coupled with practical know-how, enhance employability.

Pioneering Tomorrow’s Opportunities

Looking ahead, Morgan is steadfast in offering engineering interns diverse opportunities. Our program remains flexible, adapting new technology and evolving with school curriculums. We are committed to keeping our engineering interns ahead of the curve. Upholding the quality of our internship experiences remains our foremost priority. Morgan, a mid-sized company, values individual strengths, ensuring no employees or interns are overlooked. Together, we elevate Morgan as a whole. 

Morgan is honored to contribute to the growth of aspiring engineers, bridging the gap between academic theory and professional reality. To learn more about participating in our transformative internship program, contact our Human Resources department at [email protected]. Your journey to engineering excellence starts here. 

employees Sam Atkinson and Gloria Slentz

Sam Atkinson and Gloria Slentz

Sam Atkinson | Design Engineer and Intern Supervisor, with Morgan for 2 years. Gloria Slentz | VP Human Resources, with Morgan for 9 years.

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