Third-Party Maintenance: Effective Workforce Utilization

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Job Market Woes

Finding the right person for a job has always been a challenge, but recently, this challenge has turned into an impossibility for many companies. I bring up the current state of the job market not to rehash the same points we’ve all heard countless times but to make sure that we’re on the same page: We need to find solutions to our production needs, regardless of the job market.

The reality of the current job market means that we need to make do with a smaller workforce. Rather than hope for a workforce that doesn’t exist, we need to intelligently allocate the workforce already on our payroll.

The Solution: Third-Party Maintenance Contractors

This is the benefit of using third-party contractors, especially when it comes to the maintenance needs of your mill—both the expected and unexpected. While we all have general maintenance personnel, we also know that they have an expertise for certain types of work. Why pull them away from their best work when you can hire out contractors that are the best at your specific maintenance needs?

This is why many mills across the country count on Morgan Site Services to augment their own maintenance teams. For many of them, their own maintenance staff is busy enough meeting the demands of production that they struggle to keep up with routine crane maintenance. Putting overworked key personnel on yet another critical task can be a recipe for disaster: maintenance at 100ft in the air with massive industrial equipment cannot just be squeezed in at the end of a shift.

Preventing our customers and their employees from being in these situations is something that I, and the entire Morgan Site Services team, take great pride in. Our team of crane experts are just that: experts, they know cranes better than anyone else and they work on them every day. Every member of the Morgan Site Services team is a knowledgeable self-starter that can see the job through—beginning to end.

No Matter the OEM, We’ve Got You

Despite their unmatched service in the field, Morgan Site Services’ backing by the rest of the Morgan group of companies truly sets them apart. If our customers have a Morgan or Alliance Machine crane, our engineers will pull that crane’s drawings to ensure that it is not only repaired faster than our competitors, but also upgraded to our current OEM standard. Even when site services works on other manufacturers’ cranes, our full-service engineering department is available to redesign parts that the customer does not have drawings for, all to reduce turnaround times to get our customers back to work.

This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of all the benefits of using third-party contractors like Morgan Site Services. I encourage you as you look around your operation to think about the tasks that are diverting the attention of your key personnel from where they’re needed most. And, if you discover that material handling maintenance, inspections, and servicing is one of those areas, give us a call.

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