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There’s a big difference between getting a crane repair done and getting a repair done correctly. Let’s break down how to take the necessary steps toward getting your company’s crane up and running smoothly.  

How to Know When a Crane Part Needs Repaired or even Replaced

If your crane parts are rusting, or leaking, or if there are other signs of wear and tear, it’s time to consider a crane repair service or crane replacement parts. These can be safety concerns that should be addressed.  

However, companies that are looking to get a crane part repair done should know how to spot a quality part. An important indicator of quality work is the ability to take a crane part back to the print. This gives a team a solid foundation to complete the project. Perfect measurements keep replacement parts like turning pins, from being undersized. The right company to work with would be able to re-engineer the crane part if needed. 

When determining where to order your replacement parts, it is important to consider the capabilities of the provider. Are they the OEM for the crane component? Do they have the capability and expertise to re-engineer your crane part if needed? Is it an “off-the-shelf replacement” or will it be custom engineered to the latest technologies available?   

Yellow ladle hanger being repaired by Morgan Engineering's team for a customer.
This ladle hanger was repaired by Morgan’s team and returned to a customer July 2022.

A connection with the companies you work with can be just as important as the crane repair itself. Organizing the work that needs to be done requires as much support as the creation of crane components. Communication should be prioritized on both sides of the project. Is this company going to be available for follow-up questions? Will they create custom crane parts for your crane? How much experience does their team have? Is this a company that you can build a working relationship with?  

What to Expect When Getting a Crane Repair Quote

When a customer first asks about a needed crane repair service or crane replacement part, our team gets to work collecting necessary information. This will include getting the crane’s serial number, equipment type, scope of the project, and any required drawings. Turnaround times can be determined based on these factors and a few outside considerations.  

Precision and patience are the name of the game for crane repairs. Common crane repairs like track wheel assemblies, main hoist worm boxes, and ladle hangers should be treated with as much care as larger projects. The aim for completing crane repairs and crane replacement parts should not solely be speed, but instead, to work efficiently. No corners should be cut because time, money, and, ultimately, safety are at stake. 

An experienced overhead crane repair team can be invaluable. There is knowledge that only decades of experience can teach. Exposure to other projects can prepare a crane repair team to think outside of the box to generate new, creative solutions that fit each client. 

Most often, you can get a quality crane replacement part by ordering from a company that answers, “yes” to the above questions. If you wouldn’t purchase a new piece of equipment from a manufacturer, chances are you shouldn’t get your crane’s replacement parts from them either. Having quality crane components for your overhead cranes allows them to run optimally the way they were intended.  

Morgan Engineering male employee working to repair a worm shaft assembly.
Morgan employee works to repair a worm shaft assembly.

The Morgan Difference in Our Crane Parts

After being in the industry for the last 48 years, I continue to enjoy my job because there hasn’t been a single day that has looked like any other. Every week has new challenges to complete. As the rebuild supervisor, a large part of my job is to be the last person to look over any crane repair or crane replacement part before it leaves our shop. With that being said, my department has other checks and balances in place to be sure the quality of our work never falters.   

The biggest difference between our crane services and others in the market is our ability to take pieces back to the print. When my team takes something back to its foundation, it can be more accurately remade. The little details don’t go unnoticed in this process because, when it comes down to it, that is what matters the most.  

Our crane repair team is excited to see what 2023 has in store for them as they continue to quote new projects and take on different assignments. 

Build Your Crane Parts Stockpile with High-Quality Components

Our crane replacement parts are built to last, both on your crane and in your spare parts stockpile. From mechanical crane parts to electrical crane parts, our manufacturing team and engineers can make any crane component your crane needs—no matter the OEM.

Contact us today to get a quote on spare replacement parts, preventative maintenance, or emergency crane repair services.

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