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Morgan site service technician at crane installation

Morgan Site Service Technician Ellery Aiken at a Crane Installation

Get to Know Ellery Aiken: Field Service Technician for Morgan Site Services

Ellery Aiken has a dynamic, personable nature that embodies the qualities of an exceptional Field Service Technician for Morgan Site Services. He takes pride in the work he does at Morgan, from crane services to crane installations. His commitment to leadership, accountability, and team engagement is evident in every project he undertakes. Discovering his role within Morgan Site Services in an unexpected way, Ellery has found the perfect combination of his skills and interests.

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A: After high school, I tested into a program for construction; otherwise, I was in the National Guard as well. I learned a lot on the job when I started here nearly six years ago. I’ve gotten really good at finding information about anything I don’t already know. 

A: I always leaned toward a hands-on career with limited desk time. I started in the electrical field before Darryll Hoon, (Morgan V.P. Site Services), who I knew from the National Guard, messaged me on Facebook to see if I’d come to work for him here.

A: My dad and uncle taught me how to fix things up from a young age. It’s funny because my dad was a mechanical engineer and, while I don’t do that exactly, I do work with them every day. My uncle and grandpa both worked in a steel mill. This job is like a combination of everything they did. 

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A: It’s actually the same as it is now, a service technician, but the work I do under that title is different. I’d also list myself as the guy people call when something is broke, and they aren’t sure how to fix it.

My electrical background gave me insight into the computers we use to run the cranes. I think it’s why I am placed on a lot of new crane installations.

A: I didn’t know much about the company prior. Of course, I had Darryll to vouch for it through that Facebook message. I had an idea that this job would build on the skills I was already gaining. 

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A: I love the freedom out in the field. It comes with a lot of responsibility. I get to collaborate with nearly every team at Morgan, from the plant to engineers, to tie everything together into something that works. 

A: When I started working here, it was just about three of us, and we’ve already grown. I’d love to see Morgan Site Services continue to expand and be able to help train anyone new up to the level we need. I’m looking forward to possibly getting to wire a new crane or two. 

Join Our Dynamic Team and Elevate Your Career

Are you inspired by Ellery’s journey and want to explore a career with Morgan? We’re looking for dedicated individuals like you to join our team of mechanical engineers, field service technicians, and more.

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