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ATI Coil Yard with a Heppenstall Coil grab

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The mill is capable of rolling up to 3.5 million t/a of a broad range of highly diversified stainless and carbon steels, specialty metals and electrical grades that find use in aerospace, automotive, defense, petroleum, chemical, construction, mining and power industries, in addition to various medical, food-equipment, machine and cutting tool applications.  In order to ensure that the highest technological demands are met for rolling ATI’s extremely sophisticated product mix, the mill is furnished with numerous state-of-art technological packages.  Morgan Kinetic Structures (MKS) provided 10 autonomous overhead cranes incorporating our patented eyeCrane 3-D machine vision system.  All of the machines are interfaced into the manufacturing execution system (MES) and logics system (SILOC) to serve as the basis for record-breaking melting-to-shipping throughput times.  Morgan was the EOR on the system and provided all the design calculations, design manufacturing engineering, manufacturing, automation and level II interface, factory acceptance testing design and implementation, installation supervision, final commissioning, and ongoing operations and maintenance.  The most fascinating part of the project is thousands of sensors simultaneously tracking not only the precise movement of the machines and over arching meta-data collection directors tracking machine and production KPI’s.  Engineered to be the world’s first autonomous hot rolling facility.

The project utilized our AWS D1.1 certifications, our thermal stress relieving capabilities, our FEA modeling, and our tight tolerance fabrication and machining capabilities to fractional thousandths of an inch.  Project delivered on schedule utilizing cloud based collaboration and scheduling software.

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