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In an effort to promote health and safety, Morgan is partnering with its local elementary schools, The Early Learning School and Alliance Elementary, to facilitate a drawing contest amongst grades pre-k through 3rd grade. The top 12 drawings will receive a gift card and be featured in Morgan’s annual safety calendar, distributed to employees, customers and participants. A donation of $1,000 for STEM or safety-related resources will be made to each participating school.

A letter to our drawing contest participants:

What is workplace safety? It is making sure that you do and wear the right things all the time to help make sure that nothing bad happens to you or anyone else. At Morgan, the things we wear to protect ourselves include:

  • safety glasses
  • steel toe shoes
  • face shield
  • ear plugs
  • welding helmet
Compilation of PPE
Examples of PPE and safety tools.

Our business is located in Alliance and has been for over 150 years! We build BIG cranes for our customers to pick up extremely hot liquid metal as part of recycling it. This metal is then used by every type of business you can think of. It is used to make anything from the end of your eraser to an entire car or airplane. At Morgan, we put safety first in all we do — from improving our customers’ operations to building a culture of safety within our own facilities. This is the only way to make sure we all get home safe to see our families each day.

Morgan Cranes
Morgan cranes at work. At times carrying more than 600,000 lbs. of metal in one load.

Help us promote workplace, home and school safety through participating in this year’s safety drawing contest! Here are some requirements for the safety drawing contest:

  • Must be creative and completed by the student
  • Must be submitted to homeroom teacher no later than Thursday 09/10/2020
  • Must have full name, grade and teacher’s name written on back of drawing
  • Must be completed on 8.5″ x 11″ blank paper (no lines) long ways/horizontal
  • Drawing must be in color
  • Drawing must be on subject whether it demonstrates workplace, school or home safety
  • Drawing must include words of some sort if it be a slogan or description
A collection of safety oriented drawings from elementary school children
Examples of safety drawings from past years.


  • Download Directions, Here.

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