Empowering Engineers: The Role of AI in Manufacturing at Morgan

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AI, artificial intelligence, has exploded in technological advancement and in public discourse. There’s no doubt that it is the future of manufacturing, engineering, and more. At Morgan Engineering, we have never shied away from the new and unknown. We strive to understand the new in order to always better our processes, products and services.

Computer screen of coil yard automation software
Morgan is working to incorporate AI into our safety elements for coil yards and other projects. Our advancements in automation were the first step in this process.

Embracing AI in Manufacturing

At Morgan Engineering, innovation is at the core of our operations. We are committed to harnessing the potential of AI in manufacturing to optimize our processes, enhance product quality, and improve service delivery. Our IT team is dedicated to integrating AI tools that streamline daily operations and support our engineering challenges.

Currently, our team is working towards developing in-house AI tools aimed at improving our internal engineering processes. Identifying solutions that reduce time spent on repetitive tasks is a main focus for Morgan. The development and integration of AI will revolutionize how Morgan will manage and utilize information accrued over 150 years.

As a business, Morgan is continually exploring how to increase the efficiency of custom engineered solutions. As internal processes improve with the integration of AI, our end-user productivity will increase allowing for more orders to be completed each year.

CNC equipment
Morgan hopes to increase our quantity of manufacturing with more jobs as AI makes designing new cranes a more efficient process.

Empowering AI in Engineering

When AI hit the headlines there was fear around current jobs being replaced. At Morgan Engineering, we are invested in seeing how we can empower our team to use AI in engineering and enhance their expertise. 

We envision a future where our engineers use AI tools like Copilot not only to refine designs but also to mentor the next generation of engineers. Cracking through problems faster leads to more completed projects, and therefore an increased need for more manufacturing which creates more jobs. That is the world we want to see.

Morgan employee in front of a ladle crane
Our cranes are built to last. Like this ladle crane, we prioritize strength and innovation in every design. AI will become a tool for us to increase the frequency of these designs.

Securing Our AI Initiatives

Implementing AI tools comes with the necessity for stringent security measures. Our IT team ensures that internal access to information via Copilot is strictly regulated, mirroring the security protocols we uphold to protect against external threats. This diligent approach to security ensures that our charge into AI in manufacturing is both innovative and secure. It has been amazing to see the creation of these new avenues of innovation while also embracing them in ways that benefit our team members.

AI in Manufacturing: Looking Ahead

The journey of integrating AI in engineering at Morgan Engineering is just beginning. We are continuously exploring additional AI tools that can further enhance our capabilities and ensure we remain at the cutting edge of our industry.

Interested in Morgan Engineering’s Innovations?

Discover how we’re simplifying processes and integrating advanced AI to provide you with superior crane designs and manufacturing solutions. Morgan Engineering is not just adopting AI; we are setting the standard for its application in the engineering and manufacturing sectors. See how we simplify our processes to provide you with the best custom designs online.

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