Evolving with the World: How Morgan has Evolved in Step with Society, Culture and Progress

Black and white photo showcasing showcases Morgan’s ordnance department from 1915.

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I enjoy reading history. But I prefer to be a part of it.

During our 150-year anniversary, it was interesting to dig through our archives, review photos and re-read the accounts of the origins of Morgan Engineering. Few companies have spanned the changes in the industry that we’ve experienced.

Historical flyer for steel plant equipment from the Morgan Engineering Company in Alliance, Ohio.
Morgan mill equipment ad from 1930.

Morgan was present for the dawn of the first industrial revolution when industrial automation solutions made their debut. Our founder used the latest tools and designs to make overhead cranes that were durable and able to lift heavy loads of steel.

It led efforts in the second industrial revolution, with the introduction of production lines that increased output and employment capacities. Our nimbleness during this era equipped us to help our country produce the necessary equipment for several wars and foster post-war growth.

Historical image of Morgan Engineering’s ordnance department.
This 1915 photo showcases Morgan’s ordnance department.

Morgan was one of the first crane manufacturers to step into the third industrial revolution in the second half of the 20th century. We integrated advanced electric and computer systems into crane automation designs. The achievements in our history are significant. You can learn more by viewing our history video and timeline.  But it’s the current industrial revolution – Industry 4.0 – where I believe Morgan has made its greatest impact. 

Introducing Crane Automation

We jumped into Industry 4.0 early– introducing advanced automation into new cranes and as add-ons to existing systems. Our Crane Management and CEPHAS software moved operations from manual to digital and generated data not seen before. 

Morgan automated overhead crane lifting coil.
Morgan autonomous overhead crane outfitted with Heppenstall C-Hook transports coil to bay based on end destination.

It’s taken the steel industry a long time to get comfortable with automation systems…for good reason. Overhead cranes carry massive loads directly above the heads of humans. Accidents could be devastating.

As humans and leaders, we had to build up trust in the technology we were using. The high stakes momentarily slowed the steel industry’s technological progress, but it was a challenge we were prepared to face.

Modernizing Advanced Automation

Companies that stepped into advanced technology and artificial intelligence have become bold competitors as both fields attract the best and brightest minds. However, Morgan has found solid ground by bringing this technology into our plants and offices.

Crane operator using CEPHAS automation software.
Crane operator monitors coil temperatures with the help of thermal imaging cameras from a well-conditioned pulpit.

Steelmakers are learning that operations can be done safely through AI that assists in decision-making through self-analysis and real-time capture. The partnership between technology and humans has made it possible to reprioritize time toward more custom creation. Something AI hasn’t been able to compete with on its own.

This renewed commitment to industry advancement is propelling the steel industry back into a place of prominence and potential. Morgan is once again in the mix, helping customers identify and implement modern advanced automation solutions.

Through our sensor technology, software, and human ingenuity, we will help our customers’ machines function at the highest level. Our focus on industrial automation continues to ensure peak performance and maximize safety. Which will keep the steel industry a main competitor throughout this fourth industrial revolution. I am eager to see where Morgan can lead its customers for decades to come.

Automate Your Crane

Regardless of what industrial process you need automated, we can make it safer and more reliable. Through years of automating processes, we can develop solutions that can endure the harshest conditions time and time again. Get a quote today to automate your overhead crane.

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