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Computer monitor displaying the CEPHAS automation technology with pink, green, and blue colors displayed on the screen.

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CEPHAS® software equips clients to manage material handling and data

Morgan serves industrial customers who move objects—including ladles, coils, containers, and other heavy items – from one place to another. Our equipment is time-tested and trusted. I’m pleased to report that today, the CEPHAS software we’ve developed to support our customers’ material-handling operations is as relied upon as our machinery.

Computer monitor showing CEPHAS software being utilized.

Six years ago we introduced CEPHAS, a material handling software, as a component of the Morgan Automation offering. Customers who use CEPHAS report 99 percent uptime, increased flexibility, improved safety, and ease of use. How can a software program so dramatically affect the performance of industrial operations, particularly in organizations that have been around for decades?

I invite you to watch this video before you continue to read my thoughts about how this program benefits industrial organizations.

We designed CEPHAS based on our knowledge of industrial flow and processes—from within our own organization and within our customer’s operations. We assessed our customers’ priorities regarding material handling: safety, productivity, inventory management, and system integration. We delivered an industrial automation software that is truly customizable and easily embedded in current operations.

I doubt our first CEPHAS customers expected us to deliver on our promises of its many benefits. Today, those customers apply CEPHAS to a variety of processes, including downstream shipping and other areas of their facilities.

Let’s address customer pain points related to material handling and discover how CEPHAS addresses those concerns.

Warehouse management controls for maintaining employee safety.

Issue No. 1: Safety

Keeping employees safe is the highest priority for industrial companies. Items need to move in efficient, predictable paths that present the least opportunity for accidents. Integrating CEPHAS as part of the warehouse management system can help facility managers design and simulate operations before instituting them. And when in operation, CEPHAS tracks performance in real-time, alerting operators when issues occur.

Crane’s-eye visibility equips crane operators to monitor performance and promote safety, integrating with ground-based safety equipment to help guard against accidents.

Screen of CEPHAS software tracking machine availability and real-time functions.

Issue No. 2: Productivity

Customers regularly ask me how they can maximize productivity. I point them to our CEPHAS software as a tool that gives them the power to track machine availability and uptime. It gathers data that fuels wise decision-making. For example, users can simulate production changes to ensure that those alterations can achieve desired outcomes before a change is introduced.

Built-in key performance indicators (KPIs) help our customers track performance against targets. CEPHAS is nimble and can adapt as your processes change. Many CEPHAS customers use it as much for diagnostic analysis as they do to track real-time functions. In addition, it can easily integrate with nearly any scheduling software.

Computer monitor showing CEPHAS material handling software locating inventory.

Issue No. 3: Inventory management

Lost inventory is costly. CEPHAS is a material handling software that allows employees to quickly locate inventory as well as manage the placement of products for ease in retrieval. Products can be prioritized for better storage. For example, some material grades cannot be stored next to others that emit higher temperatures. CEPHAS will help organize products to minimize inventory loss and maximize storage spaces.

Industrial operation utilizing CEPHAS software.

Issue No. 4: A variety of industrial processes

One of the biggest features we built into CEPHAS was the ability to embed this software into nearly any industrial operation—from front-end production to downstream storage and delivery. We did not limit this software to crane operations only because we know that our customers operate a variety of processes within any given facility—with or without cranes. Our CEPHAS software is extensible to a range of operations, giving customers new ways to make their plants efficient, effective, and safe.

For more information about how CEPHAS may bring your company value, talk to your Morgan Automation representative.

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