Morgan Provides Full Turn-key Solution for Steel Dynamics Southwest-Sinton Facility

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Steel Dynamics – Sinton, TX – Coil Yard, Water Treatment Plant, and Melt Shop

Steel Dynamics sought to revolutionize their product capabilities, through the creation of their newest flat roll mill in Sinton, TX. This new facility is capable of producing steel grades previously out of reach for thin-slab casting while maintaining a low-energy, low-carbon footprint. With the targeted region flourishing industrially, Steel Dynamics saw an opportunity for approximately 27 million tons of relevant flat roll steel consumption[1].

With the construction of this uniquely innovative mill, Steel Dynamics needed the support of a material handling provider they could rely on. Through our extensive product offering and ability to provide a full turn-key solution, Morgan was hired to fully configure and manufacture the equipment and applications for Steel Dynamics’ autonomous coil yard, design and manufacture two 500-ton capacity ladle cranes and two 500-ton capacity charge cranes for the facility’s melt shop, and increase the useability and management behind the entire facility’s water treatment processes and systems. 

crane automation for steel coil yard
Morgan coil cranes transport coils from the walking beam to an optimal saddle within the coil yard.

Autonomous Coil Yard

The goal for the autonomous coil yard system at Steel Dynamics was to improve workforce and machine utilization. This was made possible through the use of Morgan Automation’s proprietary application, CEPHAS®. CEPHAS® coordinates all movements of machinery and inventory within the coil yard including:

  • (3) walking beams
  • (4) 55-Ton Morgan Coil Cranes
  • (2) 2-coil capacity inter-bay transfer cars
  • (2) 3-coil truck shipping transfer cars
  • (2) 4-coil PLTCM transfer cars
  • (14) Morgan ground-based safety zones
  • (3) hot mill ground-based safety zones, and
  • (7) no-fly zones.
Manufacturing male using the steel yard automated crane's computer
Operator works at Crane Management and CEPHAS station.

When coils come into the yard via the walking beam, one of the 4 coil cranes is automatically directed by CEPHAS® to relocate the coil to an optimal saddle location based on the coil’s temperature and whether the coil will be sent on for further processing or shipped via rail or truck. This is possible through the integration of Steel Dynamics’ scheduling system with CEPHAS®. Each machine within the coil yard is also outfitted with Morgan Crane Management to allow for greater visibility of the machines’ health and alarms to allow for ease of troubleshooting. 

Ladle crane loading scrap steel into an EAF furnance
Morgan charge crane loads a ladle of scrap steel into an EAF furnace.

Melt Shop

To meet the mill’s production goal of 3 million tons of coil produced annually, we knew the melt shop was going to require very heavy-duty and high load-capacity overhead cranes. We equipped their melt shop with two 500-ton Morgan charge cranes for transporting scrap steel to their electrical arc furnaces (EAF) and two 500-ton ladle cranes. Each crane is designed to run 24 hours a day/7 days a week at CMAA Class F rating. 

Personnel using water treatment management tablet
Personnel reviews Water Treatment Management tablet for troubleshooting ease while on location.

Water Treatment Center

Steel Dynamics wanted to make their water treatment process that stretches across the facility, from lagoons to water pumps to mixing stations, easier to manage for their operators. With a facility that stretches across 2,400 acres[2] with 1.2 million square feet under roof[3], this was no small feat. Morgan deployed Water Treatment Management to integrate the modules into one easy-to-use interface that can be accessed from a single tablet and anywhere with access to internet. With the integration of Morgan’s Water Treatment Management, an operator or manager can easily review the status of pumps, turn them on/off, and produce daily, weekly, or monthly water contaminant and P&ID reports.


At Morgan, we partner with our customers to design and implement solutions for the most complex material handling needs. We create long-term partners by exceeding expectations. This doesn’t end with delivering industry-leading equipment. We’ll always be there to provide expertise and advice for the life of the crane. We are grateful for the opportunity to do just that at Steel Dynamics.

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