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Get to Know Jordan Huff: Senior Design Engineer

In the second edition of our Meeting Morgan series, we hear from senior design engineer, Jordan Huff. Miss the first post? Catch up with site services technician, Ellery Aiken

Jordan has worked at Morgan as an engineer for eight years, bringing his problem-solving skills to various crane design projects. His determination, work ethic, and commitment to being a team player have made him a valuable asset and an excellent fit at Morgan Engineering.

A: As a kid, I played with Legos, tinker toys, and other puzzles. I always enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do so I picked mechanical engineering because it left the most opportunities open after graduation. Once I got into it, I found out I really enjoyed the design process and working in 3D CAD software.

mechanical engineer Jordan Huff at his college graduation

Jordan Huff at his college graduation from Ohio University.

A: After high school, I attended Ohio University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. 

A: Following college graduation, I began my career as a project engineer at a steel plant. This gave me exposure to the whole steel-making process from beginning to end and a basic understanding of how that works. I got experience firsthand of how important overhead cranes are for production and how their reliability is the greatest asset. As a project engineer, I was the one writing the specifications for designs, but now I’m working with the specifications written by someone else. I think that gives me the insight to ask the right questions and to make sure the customer gets what they want.

Mechanical engineers on site

Jordan Huff, pictured left, with fellow Morgan engineer, Sam Atkinson, on a job site.

A: I grew up in this area and didn’t know we had a company with this kind of history so close. When I started at Morgan eight years ago, the engineering team was much smaller. It gave me the chance to wear different hats and have a hand in all areas of the crane design process. The company I worked for previously had a lot of Alliance cranes in their facilities from the 1950s or older. Now I’m a part of the team who engineered those cranes decades ago, and I get to help make new crane designs that will last decades into the future.

As the Morgan Engineering team has grown, I’ve started helping the younger engineers learn our process. I’m also always impressed by the scale of work that we do. I mean, what mechanical engineer wouldn’t want to work on a 600-ton crane?

A: Every day is a little different. Each of our crane builds are custom-engineered, so this changes what my day can look like. As mechanical engineers, our job is to create a unique solution that fits the customer’s specifications. Then, we have to get that crane design onto paper so we can see it come to life in our shop. 

On an individual level, I get the ball rolling on new crane designs by creating the initial layout. I meet with customers to get their feedback and ensure their satisfaction. Once the basic shape is in place, I hand it off to the rest of the engineering team to finish all the details and get the drawings out the door. 

mechanical engineer working on dc to ac crane design

Jordan Huff working at his desk at Morgan’s Alliance headquarters.

A: The most rewarding part for me is seeing our crane designs built right outside our door since we have the plant on site in Alliance. You see them on the computer screen all the time, and you have an idea in your head of what they will look like, but when you get to see them in real life, they are so much larger than you can imagine.

A: We’re always working toward deadlines. It’s always important to meet them to make sure the process continues moving forward so that the customers get their projects when they expect them.

A: Every day is a new opportunity to learn something new. Whether it’s discovering a new modeling technique, tweaking a manufacturing process, or researching an emerging technology, always be cognizant of opportunities to improve your craft.

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